“Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church;

and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name

of the Lord” James 5:14

The Bible is replete with portions detailing the importance, roles and functions of elders in the community and the church. Elders are projected as witness of honour, Exodus 3: 16 & 18, conscience of the nation, bridge builders Judges 11: 5-8, and agents of peace and reconciliation, Philemon 1. More importantly, they are spiritual leaders and voice of reason in the church.

James 5:14.


The Central Parish Elders Council is very much aware and alive to its roles and responsibilities.

It is a very vibrant group carrying out its responsibilities to church and society through well

planned activities and where necessary, subtle engagements.

In the last one year, the group was engaged in the following activities


Our Regular Activities


Taken by the AGO, in 2018; it will continue in 2019


General Meeting


Quarterly activities are proposed by the various Committees and agreed to by the Executive and all members as part of regular Annual Calendar. Members also actively engage in other ad-hoc activities like weddings, burials, visitations, all undertaken as part of the Lord’s injunction of agape love among brethren.


The December 2017 welfare package was done in the spirit of Christmas. Elders reached out to the needy as measure of relief and spreading joy as the Bible instructed in Deuteronomy 15:7 and Mark 14:7a.

A medical outreach was organised in response to the rising cases of undetected non-communicable diseases. A free blood pressure check was made available to parishioners, family and friend. Drugs were dispensed and referrals made as appropriate.

Medical outreach – Eye Test. A well-attended eye-check clinic was run for parishioners, family and friends. Over a hundred men, women and children attended the clinic in June, for detection of sight problems, dispensing of medicaments and referrals

Tuberculosis Awareness: Resistant tuberculosis has become a global problem, Nigeria not an exception. In line with the Christian Social Responsibility of the Church, the Elders Council rose to the occasion and organised another medical outreach, this time an awareness campaign. Handbills giving adequate information on signs to watch for and where to seek help were distributed both in the church and around Abuja city. It also gave adequate information on steps to take for the prevention of the disease

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